Company Profile

GEMECO is engaged in the manufacture of cans for infant dietetics, beverages, meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, and other food products. It's experience in can making dates back to 1954 .

The company's main plant is on a four-hectare property in Novaliches, Quezon City and it operates satellite factories in Cebu and Zamboanga. GEMECO has the fastest can manufacturing line in the country and is the only Can maker in the Philippines capable of producing easy-open ends. It boasts of very modern metal lithography lines and in-house plate-making facilities. It also has a very well equipped machine shop that serves it's tooling needs.

In line with it's commitment to meet or exceed customer's expectations, GEMECO has a continuous training program for it's workforce of six hundred workers. It's highly skilled staff has decades of experience in can manufacturing.

To enhance it's services to it's customers, GEMECO also provides technical assistance, overhauling of can closure machines, parts fabrication and consultancy services in food canning.

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